External Lighting: Selecting the Perfect Home Security Floodlights

If you are thinking about incorporating bright exterior lighting into your home, you should consider installing some floodlights. These will produce enough light to allow late night usage of external spaces like patios, porches and the swimming area. Moreover, good outdoor lighting will discourage intruders due to high visibility. There are different types of outdoor floodlight products to consider for your property. Here are important considerations to help you select the most suitable outdoor floodlights.

Type of Lighting

The type of lighting technology incorporated into your lighting product will determine the cost of purchase and energy efficiency. Therefore, this is an important factor to assess and compare before buying your floodlights. LED is the most ideal modern type of lighting for outdoor applications. These are expensive to purchase, but the operational costs are very low. Moreover, these are bright and have a long lifespan. Compact fluorescent lights are also quite popular and efficient in floodlight manufacture. They have a gentler lighting pattern compared to LED, so they are ideal for residential areas. You can also inquire about halogen lamps, but these consume high energy compared to the above alternatives.

Compatible Controls

When choosing floodlights for home usage, it is important to discuss the compatible controls with your electrician. The beneficial controls will depend on your intended purpose for the outdoor lighting and any applicable restrictions in your neighbourhood. If you need all-night floodlights, you should choose products with dusk-to-dawn sensors. They automatically turn off when the sun comes up. It is also advisable to choose dimmable floodlights for your property. If you intend to use the fixtures for task and ambient lighting as well as for security, this option will cover both needs.

You can turn down the light intensity when using your porch or swimming pool without causing disturbance in the neighbourhood. If you want to check your yard for problems during emergencies, you can use high intensity lighting. You should also choose lighting that is compatible with motion sensors. This is useful if the light is primarily intended for security. If an intruder attempts to breach your property, the floodlight will automatically switch on.

Lighting Specifications

There are advantageous technical specifications on modern lighting products that you should consider. Check the lumens on your preferred floodlight; the higher the figure, the brighter the light. The wattage will indicate the amount of energy consumed, so ensure that this is not too high. Finally, choose a suitable light temperature. Cool-white is brighter, but warm-white appears more natural in outdoor environ