Ways an Electrician Can Help with Your Energy Reduction Plan

Attempting to switch to a green lifestyle is a huge step for most people. It goes beyond simply recycling your trash and reducing your waste. For a full lifestyle change, you also have to look at your energy costs and how much energy is being wasted in your home each month and year. Ideally, you want to take the steps to reduce your energy usage long-term, instead of only during certain times of the year. This is something your electrician can help with. If you aren't sure how your electrician can help, consider the following.

Solar Power Systems

One way you may want to adjust your energy use and reduce the amount of energy being used on a long-term basis is to switch to solar power. Panels can be placed on your roof or the side of your home. These panels will connect to a generator switch that will allow you to flip from electricity to the solar power. There are several options available in solar power, and your electrician can help you choose the best option for your home and location. Solar options such as solar tankless water heater systems can also be installed by your electrician.

Radiant Floor Heating

If you are trying to reduce high heating costs for colder months, then radiant floor heating may be an option. Electrical floor heating offers full under-floor heating coils or coils that can be placed in the joists of the room. An electrician can help you choose the right radiant floor heating for each room of your home, including the basement. They can install the floor heating and ensure that it is a long-term solution during each year to help reduce your electrical costs if you choose to stay with electric instead of switching to solar. They can also connect your floor heating to a solar power option if you choose to go on full solar power.

Timer Installation

One thing you may not consider is the way your electrician can help with how power is used in the home. For example, you can have them install timer switches that you can set for different items in your home. If you aren't home during the day, you can have a timer set to turn off the power strips to your electronics and appliances. This will reduce energy use that is still feeding through the power strips. You can also have timers set for your heating and cooling systems, including your water heater. Keep in mind, if you have a water heater, you are using energy to keep that water hot until it is used. A timer could save a lot of that energy.

These are just a few ways your electrician can help you with energy reduction. For more options, contact your electrician for a home evaluation.