3 Reasons To Ditch The Mechanic For An Auto Electrician

Whenever ordinary vehicles develop mechanical problems, vehicle owners are often quick to enlist the services of an auto mechanic. Replace the ordinary vehicle with an electric car and the auto mechanic in this equation is replaced by an auto electrician.

There are various vehicle models that are fully powered using electricity. This article discusses a few reasons why it may be a good idea to trade the auto mechanic for an auto electrician the next time you're thinking of getting a new car.

Repairs And More Repairs

The future cost of on-going vehicle maintenance and repairs should be a key consideration for anyone looking to invest in an automobile. In a large number of cases, the described cost is higher than what it costs to purchase the vehicle.

Choosing a fully electric car provides what may perhaps be the best solution to this problem. An electric car will have fewer mechanical parts that are mobile than a standard automatic transmission vehicle, for example.

Examples of mechanical parts that won't be in an electric car include torque converters, crank shafts and piston rods. These parts (among others) are often responsible for mechanical failure in an automatic transmission vehicle. Thus, the need to make more frequent mechanical repairs on an automobile is reduced significantly with an electric car. Owners of electric-powered vehicles will only have to visit the auto electrician once in a while when the electric motors in the vehicle fail or when a similar problem occurs.

Speed That Thrills

Another reason to take business away from the mechanic and direct it towards the auto electrician is that an electric-powered vehicle is bound to have better acceleration capabilities than a gas-powered automobile.

The electricity that powers an electric automobile is often stored in rechargeable batteries. These batteries allow for the delivery of instant torque to the electric vehicle, thereby allowing for rapid (nearly instant) acceleration. In contrast, the combustion of fuel in a gas-powered vehicle delivers torque to the vehicle gradually. Therefore, acceleration in a gas-powered vehicle is also gradual.

Emissions That Kill

Apart from the fact that the owner of an electric vehicle will make fewer trips to the auto electrician, there's also the fact that he or she won't need to worry about the release of toxic exhaust fumes during the few trips.

Because the need for fuel consumption in an electric vehicle is eliminated, the exhaust fumes produced by the combustion process are also eliminated.

Doesn't switching from the mechanic to the auto electrician sound like a good idea?