Electrical Contractors | 3 Sharp Tactics To Dodge An Electrical Fire From An Overloaded Circuit

An overloaded electrical circuit is a dangerous proposition for both your appliances and your home because it could lead to overheating and an eventual electrical fire. This guide arms you with sharp tactics for dodging an electrical fire from an overloaded circuit. If your circuit is overloaded accidentally, rely on professional electrical contractors to make changes to your home's electrical system safely.

Identify And Diagnose The Overloaded Circuit

When a circuit is overloaded, signs like blown up circuit breaker fuses, sparks, heated appliances and flickering lights are common occurrences. Your first step would be to identify and diagnose this overloaded circuit. Once you have identified the overloaded circuit, your best action is to inspect the number of devices attached to it. If you have many high-voltage devices like refrigerators, air conditioners, dryers, washing machines, heaters and dishwashers connected to the same unit, chances of an overload are high. Keep in mind that trying to fix any electrical circuit problem is dangerous without proper training. In fact, DIY electrical work is illegal in Australia –– apart from changing a light bulb. You should ideally only work with professional electrical contractors when you're dealing with an overloaded electrical circuit.

Remove Heavy Duty Appliances From The Circuit Until The Professionals Arrive

Once you have identified the circuit overload, your best option would be to unplug some heavy-duty appliances until the professional electrical contractors fix the problem. If you ignore this problem, the overloaded circuit from housing a myriad of high-capacity appliances will eventually trigger a dangerous electrical fire in your home. Any bright external halogens should also be unplugged temporarily. Avoid plugging these appliances into any other circuit until the professionals assess and recommend a solution to the overloaded circuit situation.

Upgrade To A Higher Capacity Circuit Breaker Panel  

If circuit breaker is old to semi-old, then it may be difficult for it to accommodate the high capacity appliances used today. A good idea would be to upgrade to a higher capacity circuit breaker panel. This enhanced electrical capacity allows you to use all kinds of appliances without worrying about triggering an electrical fire or breakdown in your home. In some instances, you may need to replace both the circuit breaker and your home's wiring for the best results. Your electrical contractors will also check that your wires are properly insulated within the circuit to prevent potential fires in the future.

Electrical fires are dangerous for everyone in your family, so follow these sharp tactics to dodge an electrical fire from an overloaded circuit. Remember that professional electrical contractors are best equipped to handle overloaded electrical circuits safely.