LEDs or Halogen Lighting: Which Is Better for Your Landscape?

You may be wondering about the type of lighting that you should install after work on the landscape in your new home has been completed. This article compares LED lights to halogen lights. Use this information to decide whether one of these landscape lighting options is the right one for you.

Initial Cost

The cost of buying LED lights is still relatively higher than the cost of buying halogen bulbs. Thus, halogen bulbs may be the better option if you are operating on a very tight budget. However, if you are considering the long-term cost of ownership then LED lighting is superior. This is because LED lights are very long lasting when compared to halogen lights that need to be replaced frequently. That frequent replacement can expose you to some risks, such as the risk of falling when you climb ladders to replace a blown halogen bulb.

Energy Consumption

LED lights consume very little energy when compared to halogen lights. Halogen lights use most of their energy to generate heat so that the filament can glow and give off light. That heat wastes a lot of energy and that can cause your energy bill to be high. It is therefore better for you to install LED lights in your landscape if you would like to keep your energy costs affordable. This will allow you to use those lights for more hours each day without worrying about the energy bill.

Compact Design

LED lights are compact and can be designed to suit different purposes, such as using them to light a phone display. This design flexibility makes it possible for you to find these lights in a huge variety of designs. This allows you to light up your landscape in a unique way. Halogen lights do not have such design flexibility because their tungsten filaments need to be housed within a bulb-like casing so that the heat generated can be dissipated to the surroundings. Thus, halogen lights will generally look alike.

Colour Profile

As halogen light filaments glow, they give off white light. This light gets brighter as more energy is availed to the filament. Thus, halogen lights may not be available in different colour variations. LED lights can give off light of different colours. This allows you to choose the specific colour of light that you would like your landscape to have.

Discuss your landscape lighting needs with an electrician in case you are still undecided after reading the discussion above. He or she will recommend the best type of lighting for your needs.