Things You Can Do to Ensure Proper Ventilation in Your Building’s Switchroom

When you set up a commercial building, one of the things that you need to pay attention to is the electrical connection. Considering that the power needs of a commercial building, the switchroom is important because it houses high-voltage equipment. This equipment enables you to distribute power to different sections of the building. They include power transformers, converters and fuses among others. While they are in use, some of the equipment can generate a lot of heat. This makes the switchroom unconducive for your employees who need to carry out regular maintenance. To add on that, the high temperature can adversely affect the way some of the machines work due to overheating. This is why you should ensure that your switchroom is properly ventilated. The following are some of things that you can do:

Exhaust Contamination

Exhaust emission from the internal cooling systems of the equipment in the room can also contaminate the air in the switchroom. To minimise the contamination effects of these emissions, you can use pressurised hoods and fans to get rid of the emissions rapidly from the switchroom. They will also help you to regulate moisture in the room, keeping the air cool and dry. For electrical equipment that has exhaust vents, remember to position them such that the vents face the windows to minimise the emission of heat toward the centre of the room.

Mechanical Ventilation Systems

At times, you might find it difficult to ventilate the switchroom properly using natural means. Here, you can go for mechanical systems that will force the warm, humid air out of the room and allow cold, fresher air to enter. Ideally, you can go for ceiling mounted air conditioners. They share common elements such as condensers, ducts and refrigerants with other types of air conditioners. These components are meant for cooling the incoming air. Ceiling mounted air conditioners use flexible ductwork, enabling them to operate almost quietly, and they are ideal for ventilating switchroom space that is close to other offices.

Besides air conditioners, you can use cooling towers for ventilating the switchroom. They condense hot water to cool the room in the building, and they are ideal for large switchrooms.

Metal Roofs for Switchrooms

Preferably, you should use metal roofs on switchrooms in cases where they have a roof over them. Metal roofs enhance air conditioning by regulating the build-up of heat in the attic. They have ridges on the top side of the roof to allow warm air to escape while letting in cooling air through the bottom channels. This helps to lower temperatures in the room covered by the roof. Metal roofs can significantly lower the need for a lot of mechanical ventilation.

If you need maintenance for the switchboard itself, contact an electrical contractor in your area.