Why You Should Spare a Thought for Your Humble Washer and Dryer

The modern-day family is very different to its predecessor of pre-war times. Back then, the family unit was much more predictable and would tend to stick to a basic routine as they worked together for the common good. They would be far less flexible than today's counterpart, and this would be reflected in their everyday activities, both at home and at work. For example, they would typically allocate one day each week to certain tasks like washing clothes and would make sure that they had suitable work and leisure wear available, based on that type of timetable. This is not the case anymore, of course, as everyone expects to operate according to their own schedule and it's not surprising that the modern-day washer and dryer come in for such a lot of abuse. So, how can you make sure that your appliance is always ready for action?

Inspecting the Load

If you want to ensure that your machines work as effectively as possible without major breakdown, take time to prepare your load beforehand. Not everybody does this as they are always on the go, but items can be left in pockets, fall out and do internal damage to the unit. This can be particularly the case with small coins, which can hide in a deep pocket and go unnoticed.

Separate and Prewash

Furthermore, you should separate any clothing that needs additional work before it can be automatically washed. If anything is very stained or has caked-on mud from a sporting activity, this would be beyond the capability of an average machine.

Not Too Much

Next, make sure that you do not put in too many soap products to try and make everything as clean as possible. Less is more in this situation, as residue can accumulate within the machine if you're not careful, and this will definitely lead to a breakdown.

Drying Out

You need to ensure that your washing machine is allowed to dry in the open air once you have finished, especially if it is a frontloaded unit. Don't just slam the door shut, as humidity will remain inside, and this could cause the formation of mould and mildew in hard-to-reach areas. If you wonder what that foul smell is when you're getting ready to wash your next load, you now know what the answer is.

Keeping up with Repairs

When you buy a washer and dryer for the first time you may pay a lot of attention to the manufacturer recommendations. However, are you still as attentive to these matters? If not, you may find that you need to call out for electrical appliance repairs more often than you should.