How to Keep Burglars Guessing When You Go Away

Most burglars are opportunists and will typically scout a residential area to look for signs of a vacant home. Yet still, they may be sophisticated as well and may take several passes on different days or at different times of the day so that they can be sure that the resident is away. So, if you are planning to go on an extended holiday to catch up on some needed rest or simply want to make your home as secure as possible, how can smart technology help you out?

Fooling the Bad Guys

These days, you can connect almost anything within your home to an electronic dashboard. This means that you can program appliances or entertainment units to switch on and off according to a schedule.

Be Sophisticated

At its most basic functionality, you can program the lights in your home to activate to correspond with sunset and sunrise. Yet that by itself may not be enough to fool a smart burglar, and you will want to add some smart nuances. For example, program the lights to dim or get brighter as the ambient light outside adjusts. Also, make sure that the lights in various rooms come on randomly so that it looks as if somebody inside is moving from place to place.

Automate Your Blinds

Make sure that you include your window blinds in your smart automation system as well so that they open and close as they would if somebody was at home.

Be Noisy

You can also program your television to turn on or off and even change channels every now and then. Turn on a music device in a room upstairs or towards the back of the property. This will give the illusion of general activity.

Be Random

Where at all possible, randomise these activities and never be predictable. For example, don't just turn all the downstairs lights on at a set time and off at another. This is not likely to fool anyone at all.

Remote Access

And remember, you will be able to access your control dashboard from your smart device, no matter where you are. You can also use an inbuilt camera to have a peek at the inside of your home.

Planning Your Installation

Smart home automation systems are becoming smarter every year. Talk with your electrician about the latest technologies and see how you install everything before you go away on your much-needed break. Contact a smart home automation service near you to learn more.