Useful Suggestions on How to Slash Your School Facility’s Electricity Bills

The use of electricity in many Australian schools is commonplace. However, the biggest challenge for many school facility managers is ensuring that electricity is used as efficiently as possible. An energy-efficient school facility is a source of pride for any energy-savvy manager. If you manage a school facility, here's some expert advice on what you can do to cut your electricity bills. Lighting For any school facility, good lighting is essential in both indoor and outdoor settings. Read More 

Electrical Safety Tips for Your Kitchen

As much as the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home, it also has the potential of being one of the most accident-prone. Electricity is used for a myriad of things in the kitchen, yet the kitchen also has an array of risk prone areas in relation to electricity. As such, it is recommended to try to practice electrical safety in the kitchen at all times. This not only prevents the risk of electrical fires, but will also decrease the frequency at which you require the services of electrical contractors due to faulty appliances. Read More 

3 Simple Tests to Determine Problems with Your Fridge’s Door Seal

Your fridge is quite a remarkable appliance. It just sits in your kitchen, working 24 hours a day until the time comes when you decide that you want a new fridge. When an appliance is in constant operation, it might need maintenance from time to time. The door seal is one of the most problematic parts of your fridge, and when the door is not sealed properly, it can lead to more significant problems. Read More 

Reasons Why Your Heat Pump Isn’t Blowing Hot Air

Nothing can be more annoying than a heat pump that is not dissipating heat when you need it to. If your heat pump is not doing its job, the reason is likely related to a mechanical fault. But you shouldn't be concerned much about a heat pump that is blowing cold air for a few minutes; it is probably the defroster of the system doing its work. The defroster is set to turn on after every one hour so that it can prevent the buildup of ice. Read More 

How You Can Turn Your Coat Hanger Into A Powerful Digital Antenna

Nothing can be quite as frustrating as watching your best show on a TV that has poor quality signal. The reason behind the poor quality could be that you are using an inferior antenna or you are not using an antenna at all. But whatever the reason, you can fix the problem by making a simple but powerful antenna from your coat hangers. There are two ways you can make a useful antenna from a coat hanger. Read More