Five Things You Need Before You Put Your Generator in Storage

If you have a cabin in a remote area that is prone to storms, you likely have a generator to power everything in the cabin or as backup in case the electricity goes out. However, in the seasons when you don't use your cabin, you need to make sure that you are storing your generator carefully. Here are five things that can help: 1. Eyebolt and chain Generators are expensive items, and even in a remote area, you need to safeguard against theft. Read More 

4 Upgrades That Will Lower the Energy Bills of Your Commercial Building

Owners of commercial buildings incur high costs to ensure that all building occupants have energy for lighting or powering the different appliances that they use in their business activities. This energy cost eats into the possible profits that building owners would have retained at the end of each year. This article discusses some upgrades that you can consider so that you lower the cost of electricity for your commercial building. Read More 

Features To Consider When Purchasing a New Home Air Conditioning System

The sweltering summers can be unbearable if your home does not have efficient air conditioning. However, going out and purchasing the first unit you come across could be a bad investment. Not only may the unit be outdated as compared to modern standards, but it may also incur high operational costs by not being energy efficient. This is why it is prudent to know what technological advancements have been made in the air conditioning industry and determine what would best suit your residence's needs. Read More 

3 Important Upgrades for the Pre-Owned Home

In a large number of cases, individuals who end up investing in a pre-owned home need to undertake repairs on replace various features around the house so as to make the new home more habitable. Many times, new owners of a pre-owned home undertake these repairs with the hope that they will get a more energy-efficient house. This article discusses three often-overlooked upgrades that can have a significant impact on residential energy efficiency. Read More 

Ways an Electrician Can Help with Your Energy Reduction Plan

Attempting to switch to a green lifestyle is a huge step for most people. It goes beyond simply recycling your trash and reducing your waste. For a full lifestyle change, you also have to look at your energy costs and how much energy is being wasted in your home each month and year. Ideally, you want to take the steps to reduce your energy usage long-term, instead of only during certain times of the year. Read More