3 Important Upgrades for the Pre-Owned Home

In a large number of cases, individuals who end up investing in a pre-owned home need to undertake repairs on replace various features around the house so as to make the new home more habitable. Many times, new owners of a pre-owned home undertake these repairs with the hope that they will get a more energy-efficient house. This article discusses three often-overlooked upgrades that can have a significant impact on residential energy efficiency. Read More 

Ways an Electrician Can Help with Your Energy Reduction Plan

Attempting to switch to a green lifestyle is a huge step for most people. It goes beyond simply recycling your trash and reducing your waste. For a full lifestyle change, you also have to look at your energy costs and how much energy is being wasted in your home each month and year. Ideally, you want to take the steps to reduce your energy usage long-term, instead of only during certain times of the year. Read More 

3 Most Commonly Asked Questions About Solar Power for Your Home

Many homeowners today are curious about solar power, either to help reduce emissions from power plants or to save on their electric bills, or both. Solar panels are becoming very popular as there are many varieties and options from which to choose, so you're sure to find something that can fit your budget. You may even be eligible for a tax credit or rebate from the government as well. If you're considering solar panels for your home, note a few commonly asked questions about these panels and then discuss your options with a contractor as necessary. Read More 

External Lighting: Selecting the Perfect Home Security Floodlights

If you are thinking about incorporating bright exterior lighting into your home, you should consider installing some floodlights. These will produce enough light to allow late night usage of external spaces like patios, porches and the swimming area. Moreover, good outdoor lighting will discourage intruders due to high visibility. There are different types of outdoor floodlight products to consider for your property. Here are important considerations to help you select the most suitable outdoor floodlights. Read More